Carbon Claw Razor Pro RX-7 7oz MMA Grappling Glove


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The Razor RX Grappling Spar glove offers all round hand protection when performing stand up strikes but the flexibility to draw your opponent in with your grab and hold techniques. A very good circuit training glove that allows you to cross train between your equipment training and your physical opponent training within a single class session. Once wearing these gloves you will appreciate not only the comfort feel but the design and development that has gone into making the gloves perform as good as they look. Manufactured from quality supple and durable hide leather the user can be sure to have plenty of hours of enjoying the art of Mixed Martial Arts Training. The leather outer shell covers a generous padding of layered foam combinations to effectively absorb impact. It is very important on impact that the wrist is aligned to the forehand area to eliminate stress on the joints so there are two adjustable wrist strap systems incorporated to ensure the glove stays safely in place and supports the wrist effectively. The outer strap systems with its multi adjustable hook and loop closure will ensure the elongated wrist strap wraps fully around the wrist for effective support. The open hand design allows continual air flow to the skin and with the moisture wicking anti-microbial internal lining helps aid the reduction in heat build- up and hygiene.

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